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CPD House For RCICs (Licensed Immigration Consultants)

If you're looking for CPD House and accredited CPDs, you've come to the right place!

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Continuing Professional Development, CPD Programs for licensed Immigration Consultants

P.D.L.E.S. - CPD HOUSE is one of the major online Continuing Education and Professional Development providers for regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants. Accredited CPD Courses are available all year round via various live & archived formats.

Since 2011, as one of the leading providers of membership based adult continuing legal education for professionalism, practice management and or pure educational development, we have a strong interest in member's professional growth. The credibility of your profession is based fundamentally on the commitment of individual members to continuing self-improvement.

ICCRCCPD House O/A P.D.L.E.S. - L.A.P.E.C. is one of the major CPD providers for ICCRC pre-approved educational events. To verify our CPD Approved Provider Status visit this link and type CPD House in the provider section

  • Individual CPDs
  • No Membership or subscription required
  • Free access to all videos until December 31
  • No HST/GST on any educational program

R Level Membership Registration

R-1 Level Membership Registration

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  • Members can access, print, and share their cards 24/7 from their member profile.
  • Membership cards are updated automatically when members renew and when member details change. 
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  • 16 CPD Bundle  (2017)
  • Flat Fee for Pre- Approved 16 CPDs 
  • CAD 169*(No HST/GST) 
  • Video or Web Same Fee 
  • Unlimited access to all programs in video format until December 31,   details

 ICCRC Approved CPDs 

accredited cpd (video)

How to register

(To apply discounts as P.D.L.E.S. / Bundle program member, you must login first and then start registration)

Non members simply follow instructions mentioned bellow and proceed:

  1. Select your desired topic from above list and then click on selected link,
  2. Then click on "Register Button or Link if available " and complete registration/payment.
  3. Upon successful registration instantly receive your copy of agenda and registration confirmation/instructions via email
  4. Apply instructions as soon as possible to receive webinar participation link for given date and time 

Free Video Access until December 31, (Even if you have registered for a Live Format Event)

NO GST/HST on any event for anyone 

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